High Speed Dispensing Machine Series


AD-16 Series

High Precision Dispensing System

Data Sheet

AD-16 Series fluid dispensing system is application for SMT underfill, encapsulation, LTS, TIM, flux, semiconductor package, wafer bond etc.



Highly accurate linear motor gantry

Closed loop control to ensure dispensing volume consistency

Built-in vision system

Available with all standard valves including Jetting and Auger valves

Flexible design, easy to upgrade 

Barcode scanner to automatically load the correct dispensing program



Standard Features 

Computer control with Windows OS

CCD visual positioning systme

Linear module and servo motor

Inline CCD visual programming or gerber upload

UPS and voltage stabilizer

ESD grounding point

CE certified


Optional Features 

Heated valves for viscosity control

35 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation

PCB heater enhances material flow for underfill applications

Precision weight measurement ensures accurate volumetric dispensing

Multiple valves available: Pneumatic jet valve, Slide valve and Screw valve

Laser height detection to calibrate Z axis automatically for component deformation

Dual valves

System Specifcations

Board Handling
Standard Work Area

Single valve X 400 × Y 500 x Z 30 mm

(X 15.75" × Y 19.68" x Z 1.18")

Dual valve X 340 × Y 500 x Z 30 mm

(X 13.39" × Y 19.68" x Z 1.18")

Maximum Components Height ± 30 mm (1.18") from PCB
Acceleration 2 g
PCB Edge Clearance

3 mm ( 0.12")

PCB Clearance Topside 30 mm (1.18")
Maximum Conveyor Width 400 mm (15.75")
Minimum Conveyor Width 60 mm (2.36")
Fluid Volume 30 cc
Fluid Level Sensor Automatic monitor
Intelligent Automatic Nozzle Cleaner Non-contact vacumm nozzle cleaning



Transmission System
Conveyor Quantity 1 pair
Conveyor Type Thermostable ESD belt
Process Flow L to R (Standard), R to L (Optional)
Conveyor Height 950 ± 20 mm (37.40" ± 0.79")
Conveyor Speed 2 - 13 m/min
Conveyor Width Adjustment Automatic (motorized)
Width Adjustment Speed 250 mm/min
Maximum Loading 4 kg/m (even distribution)



Vision System
Resolution 1296 x 966 px
Pixel Size

3.75 x 3.75 μm

Light Source LED coaxial light source and ring light source



XYZ Axis Configuration
Number of Valves Single valve (Optional : Dual valves)

X-Y linear module and Z sero motor

Maximum Speed 1200 mm/s
Accuracy 0.025 mm (0.001")
Repeatability ± 0.01 mm (± 0.0004")



Standard Footprint

L 900 × W 1300 × H 1625 mm

(L 35.43" × W 51.18" × H 65.94" )

Weight 700 kg
Motor Power DC 24 V 69 W × 2
Air Source 0.6 Mpa
Extraction 6.5 kg
Input Power AC 220 V 50/60 Hz 1 Phase
Total Power 2 Kw



Controller IPC and motion controal card 
Software Anda user interface with Windows 
Programming  On-line vision programming
Communications Protocol SMEMA